Two Circles

by Max Jefferson

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soulaughter7 Hey brother. Just want to say that I'm happy for you on your big release.
It's a huge inspiration to behold.
Way to go man. I hope that one day we can get creative again. I miss you man.
Kunolùkhwa' (I love you) and your journey
Keep up the great work.
Can't wait to hear
Yaw^ko (thank u)
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released October 6, 2018

All songs written, performed, mixed and mastered by Max Jefferson in his basement located in London, Ontario.
Lyrics in second verse of The Window written by MEESH (
Photo taken by Lacey Joy (The Paper Druid on fb/etsy/insta)
Artwork by Max Jefferson


all rights reserved



Max Jefferson London, Ontario

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Track Name: The Window
Had a dream
A picture of a swollen universe in my pocket
A banner of all of my hopes and your highness
I never heard all the sounds of your silence
And there's a spot in my brain that says I can't complain
I can't complain

Take the wheel
I've got to jump out of this speeding torpedo
And try to push it out of harms way
A shadow looms over valleys below us
And what you said changed it all "I'm not afraid"
"I'm not afraid"

And this opened a window

Grain of sand
Flying through the air with the strength of a mountain
This perfect sculpture of a planet underfoot
When you see what's inside is around
The truth fills your eyes so endlessly
Track Name: Grassblades
We'll dance upon the Grassblades
And look upon ourselves without feelings of regret
We'll dress up like we're lampshades
And get passed around the room we'll get so high you won't forget
Will portraits paint themselves?
I'm so tired
Just so tired of regret
We'll glue together pieces
The pieces of our tangled stars
I know that soon you will forget

And I have been under the weather
And I have been keeping it together

Blue eyes don't... don't despise
The water for it's only ankle deep
And the things you cannot keep
Won't keep up with fingertips
Or the space between your lips

Don't bring your ego here
It's tired of those ancient gypsy tales
But when nothing ever fails
Don't ask questions please and thanks
I love set sail but then it sank

That's when I said thanks

Don't leave these lines are golden
Not everyone believes
You have to walk the golden line
The paper brides are folding
These are love letters to the groom
He's the man you won't forget
"I almost said I loved you
But you would have walked away
Don't leave me feeling regret"
There's no one up above you
Beyond the stars are millions more
She always leaves me feeling sad

And I have been under the weather
But I have been keeping it together

Track Name: Exist
Entered a dream
And walked on the outskirts of time
With you by my side
And we talked in math and images
And through the night
We picked up where they had left off
With this new opportunity
Floating in this supernova

And we know that we can't do anything about it
Let's just live here, right now and hold on
To this moment
In this moment

Not what it seems
When our memories come from the past
They're spiraling endlessly
This empty space is all that's between us
And in my veins
I feel all your essence without
And ounce of material
Flowing change all around us

And we know that we can't do anything about it
Let's just live here right now and hold on
To this moment: that's all that exists
In this moment: that's all that exists

Track Name: Swimming Through the Woods
I'd sing like an angel would
When she takes baths
In atmospheres.
Shades of blue are welcoming
When she's swimming
Through the woods.
She's still standing over me
With eyes of black and grey.

But I don't know
This furnace is peculiar
If you don't show
I'll meet you in a peaceful place
Where wind says it final words
We won't understand.

Cover me in sheets of glass
So I won't move the mountains too far.
Bring your big and shiny eyes
But I won't be home.

So I won't speak
Is that quite so ordinary?
Sing our song
To the tune of Hallelujah
Just one more
Tale and then I'll be on my way
There's no floor
You know it's dangerous

For a runaway
To lie about her stay
Scars that make no sense
Give kids a mind to forget
Track Name: Alive
Your heart is aching to believe
The web that challenged history
Now let's take haste and leave our names
The breeze has pushed our corner stones.
When I am bleeding in the stream
A taste of heaven follows me

But look no further my sweet maid
We need to leave ourselves behind
The world is ending but I am not
That's why we're here: to be alive.

An endless fractal enters me
And all my wisdom's obsolete.
What once was mine is everyone's
The colours fill the empty space.
Now I have reason to believe
Our minds conceived infinity.


We'll live in love to be alive
We'll live in fear to be alive
That's why we're here: to be alive
Track Name: The Wanderer
Lo and behold
The spear has found itself a home.
I found it lodged inside my chest.
And the rest pierced my consciousness.
It seems the human race is such a mess.
Just wandering
Blind and afraid
Hands first into an emptiness.
Not knowing what we will find.
Until the light illuminates the edge of you.
I never know what I'm supposed to do.
Just wandering.

And I can see
The pictures of a better me.
But who am I supposed to be?
I'm locked and I don't have the key.
So push through

Mind and veins
The conflict of our permanence
Adrift in endless space
With open arms just hoping for a smiling face
The warmth and colours of a sweet embrace.
Just wandering
Life will grow
But this ocean seems so desolate.
Feels like you're drifting from me.
But all in all we're right where we need to be
Two Circles meet to make infinity.
Just wandering.

Track Name: Empty Heads
Tell me there's no other side to this
'Cause every breath takes me higher.
And when we're dead you know we'll still exist
Soaking the dreams that make us tired.
And the hills roll upon themselves
Slowly wrapping around my legs.
The sun fits perfectly
On your pretty face.

You're running through your thoughts.
You've undone all your knots.
You're so much more than this
Empty heads for empty heads.
Track Name: Forgiveness
(no lyrics)

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